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Black and White Students

As soon as people reach an achievement, they tend to focus more on the rewards, rather than on how hard it was to reach the achievement in the first place. If someone has a negative attitude towards achieving their goal, they will feel overwhelmed, as they realize the amount of work it requires to reach this desired goal. In order to fulfill your dream, you must have a strong work ethic. People who persevere and work hard to achieve their goals, will achieve success because they possess a disciplined approach.

“How can I be proud of myself tomorrow?” This is a powerful question one might ask themselves every day to guide their decisions. “Wasn't that guy the one who gave up?” “Have you seen the disciplined guy?” Discipline will enable me to gain the rewards of today's hard work, tomorrow. Many “tomorrows” will follow from “today's” choices. Someone who perseveres will gain pride in, not just knowing that they pursued a dream, but that they also persevered.

The mission of our organization is to continuously improve services for local communities led by young adults, from high school to age 25. We have served families and the youth of Tampa Bay, through a variety of organizations, including the Hillsborough and Manatee County School Districts, as well as the YMCA. During my tenure with these organizations, I managed support programs similar to LDR, including Teen Achievers, and Bridging the Achievement Gap (BTAG) (James Feazell Founder).

​The change will come through our programs, and their lives will be forever changed by them. LDR will, most assuredly, have a positive impact. Learn more about our services on our Services page."

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