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Career and Job Placement Support

Work is a way of earning money to meet your basic needs. There are always full-time and part-time opportunities available. It is possible to work for hourly pay or a set paycheck, rather than an annual salary, or benefits. Not all jobs require a specialized degree or advanced training, although certain skills may be required to do the job. In return for regular pay and responsibility for the duties outlined for them, companies expect their employees to perform their individual jobs.​

Your career is a long-term professional journey, you may have decided on based on your passions. You embark on this journey to fulfill your professional goals and ambitions. In order to reach these goals, you may need education or training. Many individuals pursuing careers have a set salary with benefits including stock options, retirement plans, pensions, and bonuses. The benefits reach far beyond monetary gains. Such benefits include, pride, satisfaction at work, and self-worth. Your career could last your entire life. As your career progresses, you might hold different jobs with several companies within your chosen industry.

​Having trouble finding a job or a career can be frustrating. We are here to assist you. We partner with reputable companies and organizations throughout Florida to find great candidates like you.

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